About KOLs Fashion.

Whether you are a career woman, a mother or a fashionable diva who wants to look sophisticated, elegant, chic and gorgeous…. then KOLs Fashion is the place to be!!! I started KOLs Fashion with just one end in mind – that is to bring sophisticated and beautiful clothing at a reasonable price that is affordable to all. I am a fashion geek myself, always making sure I look good no matter where I go. Whether when I used to be single or even now a mother of 3 active boys… it never stopped me from making sure I look good always even with time being a constant challenge.

Understanding this, I hope to help all other woman by sourcing the best clothing out there and putting them all here in KOLs Fashion where being sophisticated and gorgeous is just a click away! Each item, whether in the ready stock collection or pre-stock collection is personally selected by myself as I do not only want to sell clothes but also want to provide self-confidence and you can see that reflected on the choice of the range of clothes I have in my website. A confident woman is one who feels beautiful both inside and out.

As there are so many designs available from suppliers, i have included a ‘Pre-Order’ Stock range. This is because if i were to keep stock, there will be limited designs available. I target for more affordable price for all of the clothings and so, by keeping stocks on hand the price will be slightly higher due to risk of keeping the stock for long time.

At KOLs Fashion, its about ‘Getting Personal’… I want to be able to have an open communication which means please feel free to send in any enquiries or questions that you may have to ‘’ on my products or even if you need any consultation on fashion itself. I will be glad to assist and will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

For the little fashion divas and prince charming, I have also included a range of chic and trendy kids fashion as well.

So what else are you waiting for??…. Happy Shopping!!!


Veste Enim Vitae ~ 'Clothing for Life!'